Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are Your Normal Hours of Operation?

Our normal hours of operation are: Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We also observe all National Holidays and do not work on these days. Certain times, as for example Christmas or Thanksgiving, we will also be performing absolutely no work on the day before and the day after said holiday. This is especially important if those days fall on regularly scheduled weekdays. You will want to be aware of this as it will affect the time frame of your project completion after you have placed your order(s) with us.

Q. Do You Also Offer Formatting For eReader Devices Such as the iPad, Kindle, or Similar?

YES! We now offer all the following additional Formatting Services: Kindle Formatting Services, ePub Formatting Services, and Createspace Formatting and Cover Services. We do not format for any other types of eReader devices or service providers not mentioned above. In addition, with our Normal Ebook Formatting Services, we offer the formatting of your Word .doc or OpenOffice Writer .odt file and provide you with the reformatted editable .doc or .odt file along with a PDF file generated from the newly formatted editable file(s).

Q. Will I Be Able To Edit or Make Changes To The Ebook Layout Design If I Need To?

Yes. Most definitely. All completed projects will be sent back to the client(s) with an included Word .doc or OpenOffice Writer .odt file so that you can make any changes you need to your new design yourself whenever you wish. Please keep in mind that if you are editing a file such as a .mobi or .epub file, special steps will need to be taken while making your edits. If you are unsure, you are more than welcome to enlist us to help with any edits required after your initial design and formatting has been completed. There is an additional $40 charge per item per revision requested after the initial work has been completed.

Q. What Program(s) Will I Need To Edit/Use My Ebook Layout?

You will need either a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer program pre-installed on your computer to make changes to your finished ebook layout design if using your Word .doc or OpenOffice .odt file(s). You can download OpenOffice Writer within the OpenOffice Suite of tools from here. If you need Microsoft Word, you can download a free 60 day trial from here (Word is included within the Office Suite). If you are wanting to make revisions to other file types, such as .mobi or .epub, we highly recommend using a free tool called Sigil, which you can download directly from HERE.

Q. What If I Don’t Like The Initial Design Layout?

While we work closely with our clients during the design process, there are times when what they envisioned didn’t shine through as they had hoped. If this happens, then we will provide you with up to 2 free revisions for your ebook design layout, which includes things such as:

  • Changing Font Sizes
  • Changing Colors
  • Changing Header/Footer Content
  • Changing Ecover 3D Design

This does not include purchasing new stock images however. That is an additional fee. We charge $5 for each new stock image you would like purchased to replace those previously purchased and used within your ebook layout design. After the 2 free revisions, any additional revisions will be charged $40 per item, per revision.

Q. How Will My Completed Project Be Delivered?

In most cases, we will deliver your completed project via email attachment. All correspondence will generate from either our main email address:, or our founder’s personal email address: tyates0711(AT), and so it is an excellent idea to “white list” both to ensure all emails are received properly. All files will be placed within one .zip file for your convenience. If, however, the file size of the completed project is too large for attaching within email correspondence, we will set up a secure download and provide you with the link. For these cases, we use Dropbox for such instances. We will personally send you an “invitation link” to “join” the private Dropbox folder created that will be shared only between you and the designer working on your project.

Q. How Long Will It Take Before I Receive My Completed Ebook Layout Project?

In most cases, you should receive a first draft layout design PDF sample from us within 3 to 7 Business Days. All work is treated on a “First Come – First Served” basis, which could make the aforementioned time a bit longer depending on how many clients are ahead of you. Once you are satisfied with the ebook design layout and have approved it via email correspondence, all completed files will be emailed to you immediately.

Q. How Do I Place An Order For Your Services?

To place an order for any of our design services, simply go into either our Individual Services section or our Service Packages section, select the service(s) or package(s) you would like, click the “Add To Cart” button and follow the steps provided by PayPal to complete your transaction.

Q. What Do I Do After I Have Purchased One Of Your Design Service(s)?

Immediately after you purchase any of our design services, you should be redirected back to our website providing you with a special page describing the next steps you should take and what you need to supply us with to begin your project(s). Always Remember To Click The “Return To Merchant” Link Provided By PayPal Provided If You Are Not Automatically Forwarded Back To Our Website After You Place Your Order Successfully.

If you are NOT forwarded to the previously described instruction page, or do NOT see a “Return To Merchant” link displayed after your purchase, please do contact us right away so that we can send you details on what you should do next.

Q. Do You Provide Discounted Rates For Bulk Orders?

Yes. We do offer discount rates on bulk orders of 5 or more design projects. This does include both ecover and ebook formatting services respectively, and/or Service Package purchases. Contact us for a discounted quote.

Q. Must I Pay For The Services In Advance?

Yes. By doing so, you will secure your position in our project list and have a digital receipt for the work requested. Understand that we will be in extremely close contact with you via email while we work on your design project and will not perform any “disappearing acts” on you. We value you as our client and respect your decision to place your trust in us. We will not fail you.

Q. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

At this time, we use PayPal exclusively as our secure payment processing company of choice. You do not have to have an established PayPal account to purchase through them. You can use your credit card, e-check, or bank account. We will not have any of your secure information, PayPal will have that only. All we receive is your name, email address, and description of what service(s) you have purchased. All your personal information is 100% secure. That is why we prefer using PayPal.

Q. Do You Offer A High Priority Service Option?

If you are in a crunch for time and need your project completed immediately ( within 24 to 72 hours ), yes, we do offer a client priority service for an additional fee. By purchasing our Priority Service, your project will be bumped ahead of all other current clients and taken care of first. Priority Service has an additional fee starting at $150 and up per project/package.

Please Contact Us Privately To Discuss The Priority Service Fee(s).

Q. What Operating System Do You Use To Create The Ebook Layout Designs?

We use Windows 8 and/or Windows 7 operating system(s) to prepare your ebook layout designs in correlation with independent programs such as:

  • Photoshop CS5
  • Microsoft Word 2013 (within the Office 365 Suite)
  • OpenOffice Writer 3+

Q. What Company Do You Source Your Stock Images From?

We use and for our stock image needs. They offer high quality royalty free images at competitive prices. Every stock image we purchase will be given directly to you upon acceptance and completion of your project(s) and never reused for any other project or client, unless we re-purchase it.

Q. What Format Is Required That I Send My Ebook/Project To You In?

Depending on which word processing program you use, you will need to send your ebook to us in its editable format. That can be any of the following:

  • Microsoft Word .doc or .docx
  • OpenOffice Writer .odt
  • .RTF ( Rich Text Format )
  • .TXT ( Plain Text Format )

Please keep in mind that when you send us your ebook file for formatting, you must send us the finalized version. Otherwise, if we need to add more content you did not provide with your original file at your request as part of your included revision(s), it will cause delays in completion of your project(s), and could possibly incur more fees for additional edits.

Q. If My Ebook Has Pre-Existing Graphics, Do I Need To Send Them Along With My Ebook File?

Yes. It would be a good idea to send everything you have used in your ebook to us. You can zip everything up and send it to us, or you can send everything individually. All this should be done via email correspondence, or through another service so we are able to access and download your graphic files.

Q. Is My Confidential Ebook Content Safe With You?

100% YES! We take great care in keeping your ebook content safe and will never share it with any outside or third parties for any reason.

Q. Do You Provide Proofreading As Part Of The Ebook Design Service?

No. But we can recommend a high quality proofreading service if you need one.

Q. Do You Supply Ebook Content For My Project(s) As Part Of Your Design Services?

No. Again, if this is something you need, we can provide you with contact details of an expert partner that does this.

Q. Will You Add My Finalized Ebook Design Layout To Your Portfolio?

Yes. We will feature your ebook design layout at a low resolution uneditable image to showcase our work talents. All site visitors will be able to do is to view the low resolution image and nothing more. Unless you send us an email request not to include your project in our portfolio image gallery.

Customer Testimonials

"You are awesome!!!! I know you probably get that ALOT, but your work is just mind-blowing! That is EXACTLY how I saw this short E-book looking like. Awesome formatting, and impressive placement of text images and graphics….. unbelievable. I am very very satisfied.

That’s it…my hunt for ebook interior design and formatting is OVER! Everything is perfect and over delivers in every sense of the word.

Looking forward to doing even more business with you again."
~ Richard Essi


"Thanks for the template, it’s a great match with the website and it’s made a huge difference to the look and feel of my finished ebook.You’ve helped me to add real value and step up to a new level of quality and professionalism.

Great service and fast turnaround!"
~ John Taylor -


"Wow, the e-book looks fantastic! Love the ecover. I’m happy as a clam with the design! Thank you.

I think you have a winner here with this service. Thanks!"
~ Alan