Meet The Designer

Tracy Yates is the lead designer and website owner of She has been working professionally with Photoshop for 6 years, ebook formatting for over 3 years, and ecover designing for 2 years. She has received multiple certifications since 2000 and constantly works on improving her designing skills.

She has designed and currently owns the following:


“As a designer, you can never stop learning. Honing your craft is the most important thing you can do to stay current and valid within the design world.”

Customer Testimonials

"You are awesome!!!! I know you probably get that ALOT, but your work is just mind-blowing! That is EXACTLY how I saw this short E-book looking like. Awesome formatting, and impressive placement of text images and graphics….. unbelievable. I am very very satisfied.

That’s it…my hunt for ebook interior design and formatting is OVER! Everything is perfect and over delivers in every sense of the word.

Looking forward to doing even more business with you again."
~ Richard Essi


"Thanks for the template, it’s a great match with the website and it’s made a huge difference to the look and feel of my finished ebook.You’ve helped me to add real value and step up to a new level of quality and professionalism.

Great service and fast turnaround!"
~ John Taylor -


"Wow, the e-book looks fantastic! Love the ecover. I’m happy as a clam with the design! Thank you.

I think you have a winner here with this service. Thanks!"
~ Alan