Kindle Cover Creation Service

This option is available for those authors who have their Kindle ebook ready, but need an exciting Cover designed for it. Kindle Covers only require the use of 2D “Flat” .jpeg/.jpg files. Therefore, with this design option, you will receive the 2D Flat Cover in 3 most popular sizes, as well as the Photoshop .PSD file so that you can make any changes necessary at anytime in the future.

Please keep the above in mind before placing your order. If you need a 3D eCover designed, please visit this page. Thank you.


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Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover Design

  • Package Inlcudes:
  • 1 .PSD file
  • 1 2D Flat Cover
  • 3 Sizes of Flat Cover
  • Royalty Free Stock Photo (if used)
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Sample Kindle Cover Designs

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